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Mit Plan deine Zukunft gestalten

Nexus is a Berlin-based organization that supports teenagers who are struggling to find a direction after school, by helping shape their future. The purpose of the website is so users can book space on the course for their children.

It takes a great level of skill to be able to replicate someone’s design exactly and build a fully functional website from a static image. To take visuals + turn them into code while managing WordPress’s limitations.




Nexus (Via Goldener Western)


Berlin, Germany


Wordpress Devlopment


Wordpress, JavaScript, Css

Custom CSS + JavaScript merged with WordPress.

To take a WordPress site to another level I like to use custom code as opposed to plugins to enhance a lightweight website. While I am working with other designers I like to encourage them to use their imagination as I have confidence in my ability to make their visual ideas reality with expert programming.

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