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portfolio * bienvenue * portfolio * willkommen * portfolio * welcome *

portfolio * bienvenue * portfolio * willkommen * portfolio * welcome *

Creative Coding
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Mango Media°

About me

Welcome/Bienvenue/Willkommen to Mango Media° a studio crafting enchanting websites. With nearly a decade of expertise as a Digital Designer, Motion Designer, Creative Coder, and Conceptual Artist, I've honed my craft at multiple agencies across Europe. Collaborating with diverse clients, from England's football association to musicians, DJs, fashion brands, automotive, and many other industries.

At the core of my design philosophy is the belief that the user and the brand collaboratively shape interfaces. I perceive UX/UI design as a methodological process, drawing inspiration from the Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s theories. This synthesis seamlessly integrates elements from conscious and unconscious realms, resulting in designs that deeply resonate and forge meaningful connections between brands and users.

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Blog* A glimpse into my journey, ideas, processes, brain, and random thoughts.

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What do others have to say? Qu'est-ce que les autres ont à dire? Was sagen andere?

What do others have to say? Qu'est-ce que les autres ont à dire? Was sagen andere?


Seth Troxler
Dj + Artist

“It's as if he can open your brain, + make your ideas reality. He is a fucking artist!!!”

Sebastian Lyall

“Alex really surpised me with his work ethic, he was always the first one in the studio, + the last one to leave.”

Emma Kitching
Interior Designer

“I needed to urgently present my portfolio to a client, within a very short deadline Mango Media built a slick + stylish website with a CMS.”

P Money
Grime Mc

“It's mad! He treats design the way I do music, focused, versatile + rapid. He won't sleep until the work is done!”

Arne Keunecke
Founder at Goldener Westen

“A unique combination between creative thinking + development. Always looking for the best + fastest solution to push the project to a brilliant result.”


That’s enough about me let’s
talk about you!

Embark on a journey with me, and together let's transcend boundaries. For nearly a decade, I've merged the realms of Digital Design // Motion Design // Creative Coding // Conceptual Art. My design philosophy is to give ownership to users and brands, by curating bespoke experiences that redefine perception.