Comparing Design Agency Roles to Band Members

As someone who has spent nearly a decade in the realm of web design agencies and a lifetime immersed in music, I've often been struck by the remarkable parallels between these two worlds. In this article, I aim to highlight these similarities by drawing comparisons that illustrate how the creative process transcends boundaries, weaving its threads through various disciplines. From the visionary leadership of the Creative/Art Director to the meticulous craftsmanship of the Backend Developer, each position mirrors the essence of a musical counterpart, contributing uniquely to the symphony of creativity that defines both industries. Join me as we explore how the rhythm of web design resonates with the harmonies of music, uncovering the shared principles that underpin the art of creation in all its forms.

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15 Ways to change your perception of colour theory in web design.

Step into a world of vibrant understanding with our captivating SVG infographics. These visual wonders accompany an enlightening article on the art and science of colour theory. Delve into a symphony of colours, psychology, and design systems that shape our online experiences. Join us on this visual journey to uncover the secrets behind compelling colour choices and their profound impact on the digital realm. Get ready to be inspired and enlightened as you explore this tantalizing glimpse into the full document.

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Harnessing Carl Jung's 12 Archetypes in UX/UI Storytelling for User Journeys that Resonate with Deepest Desires

In this article, we embark on a journey into the intricacies of psychology, storytelling, and their seamless integration into the complex realm of User-Centered Design. At the heart of this exploration lies the profound insight of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist, who postulated the existence of 12 recurring archetypes within the tapestry of the human experience.

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Cultivating the Personal Brand

Welcome to a fascinating exploration of personal identity and branding in the digital age. Join me, a designer, artist, and creative developer, as we delve into the intriguing world of personal branding. In this article, we'll unravel how, as artists ourselves, we embody the essence of a brand and discover the unique intersections between personal identity and the digital canvas. Let's embark on this creative journey together.

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7 Types of Logo Design

Every brand needs a logo to simply + clearly identify itself through text or iconography. Most logos can be boiled down into 7 key categories + as designers these help us figure out what the best logo for you is.

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8 Cool Gradients

Colour gradients are a beautiful way to integrate multiple colours into a single element. Hombres are ubiquitous within nature and can be seen in the sky and the ocean. Within UI design gradients have become a popular aesthetic. Here are a selection of some colour combinations which I like:

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10 Black Graphic + Product Designers You Should Know

According to the 2019 design census created by AIGA and Google, Black people make up just 3% of the design industry. The gap between the black designer’s first job and his first creative position is considerable.

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2015 - 2021

History of my Portfolios

This article is the story of my self-brand journey, demonstrating the visual identity + web design of every portfolio I have made for myself. These websites are the ones where I had absolute freedom to create exciting digital representations of myself with no rules or external limitations. These designs are my brain on a plate. 🧠

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7 Tips For a Successful Call to Action

If your website is not engaging with your customers you will not generate the conversions and profit commissioned your site for. Therefore as user experience designers, we need to understand the best ways to motivate your potential clients to take action to begin a customer journey.

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8 Reasons to use Kirby CMS

Kirby is a simple to use + fast content management system that is a great alternative to other content management systems.

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Which button style should I use in my website design?

Buttons are one of the most important UI elements as they make it possible for users to interact with a system and take action by making selections. Great button design makes it easy for users to take the action that designers want them to take which increases conversions.

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