7 Types of Logo Design

A brand is as strong as its logo - all aspects of a visual identity need to be powerful to stand out from the crowd, however the trademark is a condensed personification of what you do, who you are, + why people should choose you in a competitive market. Below are logos that I feel best fit each category, so we can help you find which direction you would like to go in with your business.


Monogram logos are a type of logo that consists of letters. Usually they’re brand initialisations to abbreviate rather lengthy names that could be multiple words. For example BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation.


Similar to monogram, Wordmark logos are font-based + focused on the business name. It is a good idea if you have a distinctive business name that you want to stick in customers minds.


Symbols are generally a graphic depiction of the word associated with the brand in a very literal sense. It is what it is - Jaguar’s logo is a silhouette of a jaguar, Apple’s logo is an apple.


Similar to a symbol, these brands are synonymous with an image; but specifically an abstract, geometric mark that represents a brand metaphorically opposed to literally.


A logo that comprises of an illustration of a character - often colourful cartoons that celebrate a metaphorical persona who the brand will depict as a fictional being.

Combination Mark

This type of logo combines any of the previous examples together + usually can be broken into a shorthand/longhand with each element representing the brand individually but also when combined.


An emblem logo is designed to fit the text inside of symbols, badges, seals + crests. These logos tend to have a traditional aesthetic + this generally tends to be the values + message portrayed.


Though the best are often small in size + quite minimal, in my experience I would say logos are actually one of the most difficult graphics to produce. There are many bad logos + only a few great ones in this world + what differentiates them is nuanced. The thought process of creating one is like writing a poem, the expression of feelings + ideas is given intensity by particular attention to imagery + narrative. Some clients feel just because a logo is 100px * 100px (Scalable Vector Graphic) that it hasn’t taken thousands of hours + many ideas based on indirect concepts to produce the best possible result. The beauty of a small image or a font that tells us what a brand is about is regularly the consequence of genius.