8 Reasons to use Kirby CMS

A content management system (CMS) is software that is used to create + manage content that is published on websites. The fundamental benefit of having a CMS is to enable all users with accounts to dynamically control the data which builds up a website. Including; images, videos, text + any attribute that a programmer enables modification.

In 2011, German web developer Bastian Allgeier first started working on Kirby, taking code + learnings from older projects to create a content management system with programmers + designers in mind. Kirby is a file-based platform that utilises a PHP template + therefore does not require a database. Optimized for speed + equipped with a flexible + intuitive PHP API, a developer can build their frontend with few limitations. Since launching in January 2012 it has triggered a boom among file-based content management systems.

01. Inexpensive

To get Kirby it is a one-off payment of £99. This is a fair pricing model that enables developers to have inclusive client bases so we can create projects at low prices meaning our clients can spend more money on the frontend + not on an expensive backend which their customers will never see.

02. People over profit!

Kirby cares about a better society + the future of our planet. They support students, educational projects, social + environmental organizations, charities and non-profits with free licenses. This means young developers can get experience working on industry-standard projects on a low budget. Additionally not for profit organisations can also build bespoke beautiful websites for FREE!

03. Built with developers in mind

Working on heavy difficult to customise websites due to unflexible CMS’s is extremely frustrating for developers. Kirby is built with us in mind, it is in our language meaning with regards to development there are absolutely no limits, anything is possible.

04. Flexibility for designers

Customisable programming leaves room for designers to be flexible with their visual communication. This means that teams can work cohesively to create an uncompromised end project.

05. Simple + clean backend

The backend is known as panel + in comparison to most CMS’s I have used to input is very simple + minimal. This is achieved by only displaying what content needs to be edited per page, there is no longer the need for 1000’s of unused settings + attributes that clutters up the backend.

06. Hergestellt in Deutschland

Made + developed in Germany. Since 2019 I have been a Berliner + one great thing I have noticed about Germany is the pride of locally made products, this is instilled with a ubiquitous attitude of anti-corporationism. It is time to switch your Coca-Cola to Fritz Cola.

07. Kirby Community

The Kirby forum is a network for programmer’s questions + answers regarding the platform. Development is an extremely complex trade, it is helpful to have a place where we can ask for help or help others. As unfortunately, not one person can know everything so it is great to have the option to consult with our peers.

08. Lightweight

The homepage for the average WordPress website I have built has over 5000 lines of code, compared to this website which currently has just over 500. Not only this but the number of assets loaded are only what we need without loading heavy libraries + unnecessary styling.


Any content management system is going to enhance a website, allowing teams to work together + the process of building a website as easy as possible for everyone involved. Quite simply from my perspective, Kirby is the best for me as it allows so much customisation + little compromise with regards to design. The price + the help available is sublime. The fact is as a Javascript developer I can build fully bespoke websites with an abundance of creative coding that my clients can manage themselves with a smile on their face.