Cultivating the Personal Brand - by Mango Alexander

Welcome to a fascinating exploration of personal identity and branding in the digital age. Join me, Mango Alexander, a designer, artist, and creative developer, as we delve into the intriguing world of personal branding. In this article, we’ll unravel how, as artists ourselves, we embody the essence of a brand and discover the unique intersections between personal identity and the digital canvas. Let’s embark on this creative journey together.

In the realm of personal branding, one must remember that a brand extends far beyond a logo. It is an intangible essence, a profound emotion meticulously cultivated for a specific audience. Within the rich tapestry of my own brand, I present myself under the pseudonym Mango Alexander, a heartfelt tribute to my business; Mango-Media.eu, a web design studio that has been based in Bristol, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris.

As a designer, an intimate knowledge of colour theory is imperative, and as such, my work unfolds as a symphony of hues, a joyous celebration of the visual spectrum. In fact, I have embraced a specific colour scheme for my personal brand which denotes such elements of my aesthetic adornments as my clothing and car. This palette predominantly revolves around secondary colours, with green and turquoise forming its core. These hues, borrowed from the ubiquitous palette of nature where every flower has a green leaf and the azure sky and the tranquil sea. This implies that these colours, on a subconscious level, harmonise effectively with a wide myriad of hues. Moreover, as complementary colours I wear orange and purple, which resonate with the tropical aesthetic of Mango Media. If you would like to learn more about colour theory please read my article: 15 WAYS TO CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION OF COLOUR THEORY IN DESIGN.

At Mango Media, our core values intersect like the points of a Venn diagram, creating a harmonious blend that defines who we are and how we approach every project. The outer circle embodies our adaptability, experimental spirit, and imaginative drive, allowing us to continually evolve and innovate in a rapidly changing landscape. In the inner circles, we delve into the realms of exploration, unlocking new perspectives and possibilities, while our inherent creativity transforms ideas into captivating realities. A pivotal core value, bespoke craftsmanship, sits at the center of our philosophy, where dedication and attention to detail converge to create exceptional outcomes. This holistic synergy between our values forms the basis of our approach, ensuring that each project we undertake is not just a mere project, but a masterpiece that embodies the intersection of innovation and meticulous craft.

But there’s more to ‘Mango’ than meets the eye. It once served as my graffiti tag during my years as a prolific street artist. While my canvas has evolved from brick walls to the digital realm of websites, ‘Mango’ remains a vibrant thread that weaves through my journey – a testament to my enduring commitment to artistry, innovation, and creative expression.

Another significant reason I embrace the le surnom ‘Mango Alexander’ stems from my Caribbean heritage and a name imbued with colonial history. Inspired by the legacy of influential black figures such as Malcolm X, Michael X, and Muhammad Ali, I, too, felt the call to reclaim and empower my name.
On a more profound note, I challenge conventions and redefine aesthetics. My designs are deeply influenced by Carl Jung’s psychological theories, meld elements from the conscious and unconscious mind, creating interfaces that resonate with viewers on an evocative level. My experimental and at times unorthodox practices have earned me the moniker of the “mad scientist” of web design – constantly tinkering, iterating, and pushing boundaries.


From initial concept to actualisation, each website I have created has been made without pretence or artifice, with the simple aim of celebrating what is good and has always been good about design. By studying the rules at the foot of the giants, I was then able to learn how and when to bend or break these rules, finding the perfect equilibrium between old/new, function/beauty, fiction/reality in order to create websites that captivate and inspire those who interact with them.

Experience and exploration have taught me the importance of knowing when to fiercely preserve tradition whilst also adapting to the new technologies, trends and styles that make and will always make websites special within the inescapably changing world we live in - one pixel at a time. Changes will continue to come and I hope to embrace them with the confidence and determination that has made me who I am today.
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