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Creative Coding

Coding is an art form that inspires an infinite amount of creativity with endless possibilities.

Creative coding is a type of computer programming in which the goal is to create something expressive instead of something functional.

This is a selection of projects that demonstrate how I have used my coding skills in an experimental way in order to bring a conceptual perspective to design.

Luminosity 3D


For this project, I am using Three.js to demonstrate how light reflects off 3-dimensional objects. Luminosity brings emotions to a design, setting a definitive tone. It is also a way to elevate our work out of the 3D realm, giving the warmth of an oil painting or the feel of a photograph.

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Bandeins Type


An interactive project that allows the user to manipulate the two Bandeins Fonts. By utilising the capabilities of their variants, this project lets you seamlessly transform the beautifully unique typographical properties.

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Using computer vision to manipulate Javascript variables to control a particle animation. This project is intended to be a fully immersive public art installation that provokes thought + discussion around the negative effects of human activity + overconsumption.

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Galaxy Simulator


For this project, I am using Three.js to demonstrate how we can use shaders with particles to simulate an interactive galaxy, with a GUI (graphical user interface) which enables users to adjust parameters.

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Spukhaus mit Three.js


A 3-dimensional render of a haunted house featuring luminous ghosts, graves + basic architectural elements. This is an adaptation of a lesson on the Three.js journey which I have vandalised to demonstrate loading textures + creating texture maps to actualise 3D scenes using Javascript.

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