In the mind, there are no boundaries between ideas so why should there be in reality?


Graphic + Motion Design

Creative production of meaningful visual solutions that leave a lasting impression to help fuel the power of bold ideas.

The following work exemplifies graphic design + its relationship with brands + people. The projects include brand identity, logos, short animations + concept development in the form of case studies. The work in this section predominantly features non-interactive designs. These exercises holistically transform existing/non-existing ideas + showcase the design journey - from concept to creation.

Lost Souls Of Saturn


The design uses morse code, symbols + colour to portray the negative aspects of modern-day life such as hate, deception, greed, objectification, narcissism + pollution.

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Serving Loooks


The following logo concepts + design illustrations are for the brand ‘Serving Looks’ - a clothing drop shop concept store created by Seth Troxler. A drop shop is an online store that sells a limited run of exclusive products. ‘Serving Looks’ is informal slang used to describe someone whose outfit + hair is well put together.

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These T-shirts were designed for Seth Troxler + The Martinez Brothers to wear live on stage at DC10 - a notorious club in Ibiza famed for its hedonistic atmosphere. In the brief for this project, I was asked to use the club name + “BRANDALISE” it in the style of the legendary rock band ACDC. There are 3 different T-shirt designs, each based on the individual DJ’s persona + aura.

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Deeplake Digital


Marketing material, animations, development + UI work for a digital communication company I worked full time for in 2017.

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A good logo conveys the owner’s intended message while being distinctive, appropriate + simple in form. A concept is usually behind an effective logo, and it communicates the intended message. A great logo essentially boils down to two things: concept + execution.

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Mama Olga's


This project is a branding + marketing exercise for an independent, family-run authentic Jamaican restaurant.

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