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Japanese aesthetics comprise a set of ancient ideals.

On my first visit to the restaurant, I was in awe of the delicious food served which tasted fresh + authentic. I quickly struck up a rapport with the owner who mentioned he was interested in a new logo + branding for his restaurant.






Clifton, Bristol, United Kingdom


Illustration + Graphic Design



Fujiyama Sushi Bar

Below are 4 concepts of logo design created for Fujiyama. Figure 1 is the logo that was selected for the restaurant branding. The other 3 are different potential design directions I came up with. The chosen logo takes inspiration from Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji set against the rising sun; a symbol that mirrors the Japanese flag + is widely referenced throughout Japanese culture. To give the logo an original edge the sun has the texture found in the flesh of tuna - a classic ingredient used in Japanese cuisine.

A colour scheme of red + white also echoes key elements of the Japanese flag with a high contrasting black used to give form + shape to the mountain. The logo features the brand name in a San Serif type in a bold red colour. Since potential customers may not automatically associate the name ‘Fujiyama’ with Japanese cuisine, the 3 main styles of food served by the restaurant are clearly displayed underneath. When accompanied with other striking visual elements that form the logo, this clearly establishes the type of cuisine that the restaurant provides.

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