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Lost Souls Of Saturn


Lost Souls Of Saturn

For this project, I worked closely with concept developer Andrew Lochhead + DJ’s Seth Troxler + Phil Moffa to promote LSOS - a multidisciplinary live project which combines music, imagery + storytelling into a completely immersive audiovisual experience.

The design uses morse code, symbols + colour to portray the negative aspects of modern-day life such as hate, deception, greed, objectification, narcissism + pollution. You can view some of the content on Seth’s Instagram. This project was launched at Art Basel in 2019. The installation comprised of custom-built screens + LED panelling, features video, spatial lighting + a custom-tuned L’Acoustic’s 4-D speaker array broadcasting a high definition recording of the Lost Souls of Saturn album. Through the creation of a fully immersive environment, the audience were invited to challenge their perception of the reality vs simulation paradigm.




Lost Souls Of Saturn


London, United Kingdom


Motion Design


After Effects, Illustrator

Sweet Harmony - Saatchi Gallery

Sweet Harmony: Rave Today was an immersive exhibition devoted to presenting a revolutionary survey of rave culture through the voices of those who experienced it. Featuring multimedia room installations + audio-visual works, the exhibition was staged over two main floors of the gallery + included typographic accounts, photo stories, live music events, + panel discussions by the movements biggest architects, influencers + artists.

Visitors were invited to engage with visually stimulating recollections which were accompanied by Spotify playlists curated by music personalities related to the sub-genres of Detroit Techno, Acid House, Happy Hardcore, UK Garage + Grime. The exhibition bought together an array of commissioned artworks + sound installation pieces which included the work created by LSOS.

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