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Mama Olga's

Prior to the restaurants opening, I was asked by the owners to help them create a strong visual identity as a brand. My work included logo design, marketing material + web design.




Mama Olga’s


Ipswich, United Kingdom


Branding, Marketing Material + Graphic Design.


Illustrator, InDesign + Photoshop

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The Caribbean Islands are bursting with vibrancy both visually + culturally. The bright colours found in the sunsets, flowers, architecture, food + drink all emanate vivacity + beauty. When working with a restaurant or catering service, it is important that the food photography + content is the key focus of the design. Appealing to customer senses on every level effectively entices them into buying the product.

The images below show a hoodie used for a staff uniform, a fold-able A5 menu made using gloss paper at 200gsm + an A2 poster used for the restaurant interior. The logo is based on Jamaica’s national bird; the beautiful red-billed streamer. The colour palette utilizes the green, gold + black found in the Jamaican flag. Green depicts the verdant lush land, gold symbolizes Jamaica’s riches (which were stolen by the British) + the black represents Jamaica’s people.

Named after the owner’s mother; Mama’s Olga’s is a family orientated Jamaican restaurant located in my hometown of Ipswich that serves delicious Caribbean treats for the community that taste almost as good as my own Mother’s Trinidadian food.

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