Forage is a
digital cookbook

The apps primary objective is to inspire users to prevent wasting food, by suggesting meals that utilize ingredients they would otherwise throw away.






Norwich, United Kingdom


Interface design, branding + illustration


Sketch, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Javascript, AngularJs, HTML, CSS, NodeJs

Colour Palette

This colour palette is influenced by the muted tones found in Nordic nature, combining understated + minimal neutral shades with Moss + Woodrose to reflect the essence of the wilderness.

Find your inner chef

The app is all about searching for the next recipe - since foraging is synonymous with searching for ingredients it felt natural to name the app forage.

‘Foraging’ - the acquisition of food by hunting, fishing or gathering. This app is not just about finding new food, but finding your inner chef. Enhancing your cooking abilities by using a fun food social media application.


Mushrooms are one of the ingredients most commonly associated with foraging. The mystery + enigma of fungi is fascinating, they are not plants or animals but in a kingdom entirely of their own. Throughout the app, each users icon will differ depending on the popularity of the recipes they have uploaded. New users will start with a chestnut mushroom icon progressing through to a black truffle once they reach a higher rating from other users.

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