Imburse Payments

Payment Solutions For Insurers.

Imburse strives to help empower business owners, supporting them to make informed decisions by taking control of any transactions, effectively encouraging growth into new markets, the ability to launch new products with confidence and allowing their businesses to thrive and flourish beyond expectations.




Imburse Payments


Zurich, Switzerland


UX/UI Design


Figma, After Effects

Conceptual + UXDesign

Imburse’s Payments as a Service platform is the answer to the complex and expensive process of integrating with different payment providers and technologies. Our platform provides a single access point to the entire global payments ecosystem, from card collections, debit orders, e-wallets, push to card transactions, and more.

Our visual concept is inspired by the idea of connectivity, with each payment method represented by a unique orb, symbolizing the wide range of payment options available to our clients. The orbs follow a path that leads the users on a continuous journey to the final call to action. The motion graphics help to convey the concept of connectivity and ease of use.

The page design is inspired by the Swiss postmodern design style, which emphasizes simplicity, clarity, and functionality. Our design highlights the benefits of using Imburse’s platform, such as the freedom to choose and deploy any payment provider and technology, the ability to make any payment or collection in any market, and the empowerment of business owners to take control of their transactions and grow their businesses beyond expectations.

With Imburse’s Payments as a Service platform, businesses can confidently launch new products, enter new markets, and thrive in a competitive global landscape. Connect with us today and experience the power of global payments at your fingertips.

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