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P Money

Design can be a visual interpretation of music.

When creating P Money’s website, I took inspiration his own work ethos + writing processes - “content, method, flow” in order to reflect his musical vision. Music + visual art are synonymous with one another, when painting I try to replicate the music I hear through brush strokes + I have done the same thing here with design of the website.




P Money


Lewisham, London, United Kingdom


Website design + development


Sketch, HTML, CSS, Javascript




P Money kicked off his career within the crew Fatal Assassins, collaborating with MCs such as Little Dee + Blacks. During this time P Money became renowned for his fast flow + hard-hitting lyrics which created serious hype when attending pirate radio shows. He attended many classic studio sets such as those from the Hazardous Sessions + Fuck Radio + was crowned winner of Lord of the Mics 6.

Website Design

The focal point for the design of this website was the music video for P Money’s first release on his new album - MONEY OVER EVERYONE 3. The foreboding sound of the tracks instrumental + dark atmospheric visuals are contrasted against sinister red smoke flares + blue police lights creating an ominous mood. My design for P Money’s website mirrors the essence of his video, capturing the poignancy of his lyrics + reflecting the energy of Grime music to captivate users.

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