“Out of love and necessity rather than profit and novelty”

Patta is an innovative brand hailing from the lively streets of Amsterdam. With a pioneering spirit, it constantly pushes the boundaries of design, setting new standards in the global fashion landscape. Rooted in the vibrant energy of urban culture, Patta is cutting-edge, embracing the latest trends while remaining true to its authentic roots. This forward-thinking brand merges contemporary design with cultural influences, celebrating the intersection of fashion, art, and street culture in its hometown and beyond.






Amsterdam, Netherlands


UX/UI, Creative Development, Motion Graphics


Gsap, Figma, After Effects, Kirby CMS, PHP, Javascript, CSS

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Brand Values

To visually articulate Patta’s brand values, I utilize a Venn diagram—a graphic representation that illustrates the interconnectedness of key words representing Patta’s brand ethos. The outer rings symbolize authenticity, streetwise flair, and an embrace of the unconventional. Within these outer realms, words like individuality, innovation, and a relaxed vibe intersect, creating a seamless blend of characteristics. At the core of this representation is the foundational value of empowerment. This essence, embedded in Patta’s clothing, empowers those who wear it, adding depth and meaning to their personal expression.

User Experience Design

As a UX designer, one of my key responsibilities is identifying and understanding the typical users of the product. This involves creating fictitious characters, or personas, that align with specific behavioral, motivational, and interest-based stereotypes. By understanding these personas, we can anticipate and design for their needs and expectations, resulting in a more engaging and intuitive user experience.

One of the tools I use is the Jungian archetypes; a theory by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, who introduced this concept to explain the universal patterns and roles that underlie human behavior. By assigning archetypes to each persona, we can build more complex and relatable character profiles that inform our design decisions. In storytelling, there are 12 recurrent persona types across the human experience that we can use as a starting point for our archetypal personas. By incorporating these archetypes into our persona building process, we can create a more holistic understanding of our users and design products that resonate with their deepest motivations and desires.

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