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St Philips is an award winning, multi-disciplinary set of barristers, widely recognised as one of the most forward-looking chambers in the UK. It is committed to expanding upon the first class service it is renowned for, reinforcing its objective to make its exceptional team of barristers the first choice for clients nationally and internationally. Chambers serves a range of clients, including international companies, local authorities, sporting authorities, trade unions, public bodies and regulators. Members of Chambers also accept instructions under the Direct Access rules.




St Phillips


Birmingham, United Kingdom


Web Design


Sketch, CSS, Javascript, Aftereffects

Brand Values

We want to be bold and stand out from our competitors with a completely different website than can be found elsewhere within the legal/ professional service industries

What are the core strategic objectives of your new website?
Stand out, enhance functionality and simplify user journeys. Reinforce the business as forward thinking and industry leading

What are the most important messages you would like to convey to the visitors of your website?
Build trust, educate, simple to find information they want.


As a user experience designer, one of the most important steps in the design process is identifying the typical users of the product. This can be achieved by creating fictitious characters that consist of stereotypes that align with the behaviour, motivations and interests that then eventually result in understanding what actions these users will take when they arrive to the website, resulting in a considered user journey, with clear objectives stated as call to actions.

I utilise some of the practices of storytelling in the conceptual design process, specifically the use of archetypes to build character profiles.Traditionally in film, tv and plays there are 12 recurrent persona types across the human experience, which I allocate to each persona.

Colour Palette

The colour ‘ACID GREEN’ was introduced into the colour palette due to the previously monochromatic combinations. Based on the psychology of colour theory I knew I could enhance the user’s experience by integrating a contrasting colour to be utilised for key elements such as CTA buttons. Specifically, complementary schemes are based on two colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel. The impact is generated due to the two hues being contrastingly different, resulting in a very maximalist pairing.

Find out more about colour theory here: 15 ways to change your perception of colour theory in web design.

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