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Stylish, minimal
web design + branding

The primary objective of the website is to effectively showcase SLICED SALAMI’s products + catering services. New customers are drawn to the brand through the use of beautiful food photography, video footage of food preparation + clever visual storytelling.

Visual Design Conceptual Design




Phil DeFranco


Bristol, United Kingdom


Interface design, branding + illustration


Sketch, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

'Ave a slice

‘Ave’ - slang for have, a light-hearted + casual word that denotes sharing with friends. ‘Slice’ - a triangular portion of pizza.

I wanted the name of the company to sound as delicious as the pizza they serve. Salami is one of the most popular toppings + the alliteration makes the name catchy + memorable.

Visual content

Everyone knows that sex sells + just like sex, when you see food - you want a slice of the action. I call this the puppy dog close - when looking into the eyes of the puppy you want it + if you have the money, you will take it there + then. For this website, I have employed this tactic with tantalizing food photography + video consciously scattered throughout the page.

Content takes centre stage

When it comes to creating a website for a restaurant or catering service, it is imperative that the design allows for the photography + content to take centre stage, appealing to all of the consumer’s senses so that that they are automatically enticed into buying the product. The combination of colours + fonts I used for the SLICED SALAMI website successfully helped to elevate the brand - taking it from average to amazing.

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Conceptual User

To put it simply, UX is imperative to good website design because it tries to fulfil the user’s needs. Its purpose is to create a meaningful user experience that allows users to define customer journeys on their website that are most conducive to their businesses success.

User Goals

  • Find out more information about the brand
  • Explore prices and menus
  • Intuitively understand the content
  • Access contact and booking information

Functional Requirements

  • Clearly represent the SLICED SALAMI brand
  • Encourage users to continue through the purchase journey
  • Display prices, menu and services clearly + concisely
  • Easy to navigate from section to section-

Non-functional Requirements

  • The site needs to be scalable + responsive for all devices
  • The page needs to have be fast performing
  • The website needs to have good SEO

A persona is a fictitious character created to represent a user type that might use a site.

Marcus Garvey

Career: Retired university professor
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Nationality: Jamacian
Employer: Leeds Metropolitan

Core Needs

To be able to search + view menu options based on his budget, tastes + number of guests attending.

Reasons for use

Marcus is planning a big party for his upcoming 60th birthday + is looking for a catering service that will appeal to all his family + friends.

Current Knowledge

He had previously booked a catering service for his wedding 37 years ago.

User scenarios help user experience designers understand how users may interact with the product.

Marcus is hitting the big 60 + wants a memorable celebration to mark the occasion. He is a stylish geezer who is renowned for throwing some of the best parties in St Paul’s, Bristol. He will have a lot of friends + family attending + is keen to provide tasty food that will fulfil everyone’s needs for a reasonable price. At previous parties Marcus + his wife have always done the cooking, however, due to the large number of guests attending this party he would like to hire a caterer so he can relax + enjoy his 60th in style.
Marcus did a quick search + found SLICED SALAMI on the first page of Google. Marcus saw a few other local alternatives such as buffet-style food, however being a big fan of pizza, SLICED SALAMI immediately stood out to him as it was the only pizza caterer on the list + the slick design of the website which included a well-shot video of the pizza being lovingly handmade caught his interest.
Marcus knows that his family + friends will expect Jamaican cuisine, so he is apprehensive about opting for pizza, however, he visited a pizza restaurant last time he was in Spanish Town which sold 3 of the best pizzas he had ever tasted with toppings of jerk chicken, shrimp + plantain. Scrolling through the options on SLICED SALAMI’s website, he notices that custom pizza toppings are available at an additional cost.
He contacts Phil, the owner of SLICED SALAMI + within 24 hours receives a friendly email confirming that Marcus can customize his pizza menu + that coincidentally he too has visited Marcus favourite pizza restaurant in Spanish Town. Prior to the party, Marcus is invited for a tasting session where he is bowled over by the delicious flavours + perfectly baked pizza dough. The party hits off + the pizza is a resounding success with Marcus’ guests - several of who decide to book SLICED SALAMI for their own upcoming events.

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