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Vinny is a wine
subscription service.

A new direction for Sebastian Lyall the owner of Lollipop - a creative agency located in Shoreditch, London. The business specialises in delivering immersive cocktail experiences in London.

Visual Design Conceptual Design






Shoreditch High Street, London, United Kingdom


User experience + interface design + branding


Sketch, Invision, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Page Design

Each page I created for this design is simple, consistent and intuitive - three components that every successful website should have to ensure that the user engages throughout their experience clearly and concisely.

Considering the age range for this product is between 25-35, it is imperative that the interface is sexy and youthful, effectively drawing the user in and encouraging their interest in the product.

Mobile Purchase Journey

This wire frame shows the mobile purchase journey, as the user is guided through choosing their flavour profile while subscribing to the service. Uniquely illustrative, colourful + functional, these interfaces successfully encourage the user journey.

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Conceputal User

To put it simply, UX is imperitive to good website design because it tries to fulfill the user’s needs. Its purpose is to create a meaningful user experience that allows users to define customer journeys on your website that are most conducive to business success.

User Goals

• Expand knowledge of different wines
• Discover and experience new wines
• Intuitively understand data
• Controllable and flexible

Functional Requirements

• Store data about individual users wine preferences
• Algorithmically build unique flavour profiles
• Display data intuitively
• Strong learnability with navigation

Non-functional Requirements

• Perform tasks as fast as possible
• To be a cool brand
• A secure database
• Responsive for all devices

A persona is a fictious character created to represent a user type that might use a site.

Core Needs

Toussaint needs an app that can algorithmically pick wines for her based on her taste preferences and previous feedback. Toussaint lives a busy life working in Shoreditch High Street but living in Stockwell and needs her wine to be delivered to her office at work. Being in her late 20's she is also looking for a brand that is stylistically on point and delivers a unique of range wine.

Reasons for use

Every week Toussaint finds herself standing in the wine section of her local supermarket in the same predicament. Confused and indecisive - she knows that she likes wine but has absolutely no knowledge about it. The huge selection of wine available leaves her feeling overwhelmed and as a result she usually ends up going for the same bottle every time.

Toussaint was looking for an app which can help her discover new wines to enjoy whilst also narrowing down the decision making process.

Current Knowledge

Toussaint knows her reds from her whites but is stuck in her comfort zone of Sauvignon Blanc. She repeatedly has embarrassing moments of pouring Lambrini for an ex-girlfriend when mistaking it for a luxury bottle imported from Italy.

Toussaint Louverture


Age: 28
Gender: Female
Nationality: Hatian
Employer: SN1

User scenarios help user experience designers understand how users may interact with the product.

Toussaint went on a date last week at Smokey Tails and was highly impressed when her date was able to pick a perfect glass of wine to accompany each course.

Her lack of wine knowledge was inferior in comparison and is now anxious as this week the date is in her hands. At dinner last week Toussaint made a faux pas when her date asked her how she felt about White Zinfandel and she replied with "I love a white wine" - not knowing that it is actually a rosé.

To compensate for this blunder she makes up a white lie and tells her new love interest that her friend is a connoisseur who will be able to get a rare and vintage wine to accompany the meal she intends to cook for them to enjoy together.

Luckily while talking to a friend about the date Guilia was recommend Vinny - a wine subscription service specializing in rare and vintage wines based in London.

Presented with a easy to use and sleek interface full of helpful info-graphics, she enters her details and submits her preferences.

After submitting she realises that the wines will not be delivered until the afternoon of her Date. Since Guilia is working on that day she will not be at home to collect the package howeever luckily Vinny will deliver to her work.

On the eve before the date, Guilia's love interest posts a photo of herself on intstagram attending a wine tasting experience in the West End.

The next day at work the wines arrive on time and are delivered by a friendly courier. Opening the box she is presented by two Austrian wines with beautiful branding.

On the night of the meal it is clear her gamble has paid off as Guilia's date is outstanded by her original selection of wine. Guilia smugly enjoys her meal and the couple have a great night together.

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